Starlings Spatial Sound Collective

Starlings Spatial Sound Collective is a group of sound artists dedicated to the investigation, demystification and celebration of spatialised sound. Members of Starlings are Lisa Rae Bartolomei, Gillian Lever and Josh Peters.

Working in collaboration with SIAL Sound Studios at RMIT University, Starlings are dedicated to the artistic applications and historical examinations of multi-channel audio in its many forms. We explore the myriad of possibilities arising from the creative use of multiple sound sources to build immersive and innovative sonic spaces.

We are artists who illuminate differing facets of spatialised sound practice, working individually or collaboratively to produce and present works that expand ideas of how sound can exist in and create space.


Murmurations Spatial Sound Festival, October 2018:

Murmurations was a festival of spatial sound incorporating a panel discussion, listening session and two concerts, held on 7-10 October, 2018 at RMIT University’s Black Box Theatre, Melbourne.

Panelists were Dr. Helen Dilkes, Dr. Nat Grant, Assoc. Professor Lawrence Harvey and Assoc. Professor Philip Samartzis. The listening session showcased works by Daniel Teruggi, Hildegard Westerkamp, Christine Groult and Bill Fontana. The Starlings performed live diffusions at an evening concert, presenting new works; Gillian Lever’s Sustain and release, Joshua Peters’ SUBSTANCE and Lisa Rae Bartolomei’s Mandorla.

Performance at New Order, 3rd May 2018 at RMIT First Site Gallery, Melbourne.

New Order was an Art Party at RMIT First Site Gallery, in conjunction with SIAL and RMIT Galleries, showcasing new multichannel sound works by members of Starlings Spatial Sound Collective.

Photographs courtesy of RMIT Creative, photographer: Sarah Lay.

The performance utilised a mixture of live diffusion and automated spatial sound strategies to murmurate throughout the inverted city-soundscape of the 16-channel sound system installed at First Site Gallery.
New Order invited the listener on a journey to redefine their understanding of the acoustic environment, creating a surreal and sonorous sonic terrain sparking the imagination to the possibilities that lie beneath the world of everyday sound.

Photographs: Sara Retallick

New Order Performances:

Gillian Lever: bird heart (14:17)

bird heart is a multichannel sound work by Gillian Lever. The work examines feelings of arrhythmia, imbalance and anxiety in miniature and in flocks.


Josh Peters:


The sound of a V E H I C L E

The speaker as a V E H I C L E for sound

Sound as a V E H I C L E for perception

Hydration abstract 1 Lisa Rae Bartolomei .jpg

Lisa Rae Bartolomei:

Hydration (19:58)

16 Channel Live Sound Diffusion Performance
Found Sound, Field Recording, Synthesis, and DSP Processing

The Spirit sings through the swells of space,
An Albatross hovers over the great waters, riding the currents of condensation,
A bell, a horn, a call to prayer through the torrential tides of time,
Forever moving, we drink of the deep well of existence,
Ebb and overflow, Rise and Fall, Destruction and Creation
The waves crashing on the shore, The great transformation
The City Submerged, Reclaimed by the Sea from
where first life emerged.
Eternal… The Endless…Unfathomable Sea…